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1 didn’t Ask To Be Born, I Don’t Owe God Anything, Why Worship Him In Return?’ Lady Says



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1 didn’t Ask To Be Born, I Don’t Owe God Anything, Why Worship Him In Return?’ Lady Says

Religion is a significant catalyst for man’s behaviour in today’s world, and the two major faiths have influenced how people thought and live. Traditional faith has been marginalized or lost media coverage in African society, but many people prefer to practice it in their diverse cultures.

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These people who worship in the conventional way are believers as well, but they worship a particular god; they all belong to the thiest group. Anyone who believes in a God or diety, whether Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Ifa is a thiest.


Religion has been exploited by those who hide behind it and commit crimes, but every objective individual understands that no religion encourages or condones vices. Hatred, abuse, illegal extramarital affairs, murder, and a variety of other things are condemned by all major religions.


There are also skeptics who do not believe in the presence of a deity or gods, and these people can be found all over the country, standing firm in the face of no diety. On Twitter, an atheist named Ifa Funsho wondered why God should be worshiped when life should be a gift from Him.

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She has a series of tweets in which she questions man’s reasoning ability and whether people follow modern religions.

In her own words: “I didn’t ask for the world to exist, and I didn’t ask to be born, so how did I owe God anything? According to theists, life is a blessing from God. Why is worshiping God expected in return if it is a gift? It’s the equivalent to being billed for a service you didn’t request. What am I owed by God?”

All has the right to follow whatever religion they choose, and respect of other people’s beliefs is one of the highest forms of education. Since she is an atheist, her intentions for this issue are personal. Atheists are naturally open to dialogue, but they must be persuaded without a shadow of a doubt that there is a deity deserving of worship by a thiest.

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Can you have a better answer for her, as a theist or believer in Heaven, for how man owes God because of the gift of life,

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