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10 exciting ways to have fun in Lagos with N5,000



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Have a date and have just N5,000? Or just bored and need to escape to Lagos?

Not to worry! Wow that companion of yours (and yourself) by doing something extraordinary but within a budget of N5,000.

1. Kart Racing

Go Kart racing for just N3,000 at Lekki. Visit promo sites for great discounts too. You might be lucky enough to get a ticket of N1,500 for 10 amazing laps.

2. Kayaking

Go kayaking in Ikoyi for N2,500 for one hour! If you’re two, you get to spend just N5,000.

3. Picnic at the beach

Grab a picnic basket, blanket, mats and go to a quiet little beach in Lekki called Marwa. Gate fee is just N300!

4. Ziplining

Go on a Zipline in Lekki for just N2,500. Enjoy the ocean breeze and amazing views while dangling down a rope.

5. Picnic and a movie

With just N1,000 you can catch a great movie and bring lunch with you too!

So snatch your blanket and lunch and go out there with your dates.

6. Afrika Shrine

Escape the sophistication of Lagos and go drink with all sorts of people at the New Afrika Shrine.

You spend close to nothing there!

7. Terrakulture

Go watch a live play, concert, performances for little or nothing at Terrakulture.

Thank me later!

8. Lekki Conservation Centre

With just N3,000 you get to go on the canopy walk and have a nice little picnic when you are done.

9. Go on a night out with friends

With 5k each, you all can have the times of your life at a club or bar in Lagos.

Order for their cheapest wines or soda and take a go on the dance floor.

10. Salsa classes

Go Salsa dancing in Lekki, VI and Ikeja for little or nothing. Gate fee: N1,000 and you don’t have to buy stuff.

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