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11 Jigawa Youths Die In Road Tinubu’s Kano Visit And Matters Arising



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A former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has succeeded in causing confusion among political pundits in Kano State with his recent impromptu visit to the city on December 4.

At the time of writing this piece, tongues were still wagging on the motive behind the visit. People who chose to attribute it to politics were out rightly warned by the Jagaban of APC even before he was airborne from Kano that his coming to Kano had no political undertone.

He told newsmen at the airport that he was in Kano to attend the wedding Fatiha of his friend’s daughter, Sheikh Bashir Omar, whom he held dearly. However, after he was accompanied by the Kano State governor, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, to the reception which held at Marhaba Events Center at Nassarawa GRA, he described the marriage solemnization as timely.

He said he personally developed a personal hubby of attending gatherings like that as a fulfilment of religious requirement and as a way of bridging the gap and building strong relationships between him and fellow Nigerian Muslims.

Tinubu made bold to say that he placed premium on the existence of Nigeria as one indivisible entity and would work towards maintaining its corporate survival at all costs.

He maintained that those praying for divisive tendencies must not be given a single chance to orchestrate their devilish motives, saying the country is far above any single individual or group.

He added; “Those insisting on breaking the country are small minded, true Nigerians must work hard to keep the unity of this country no matter what.”

Tinubu, who said the unity among Nigerians would put her detractors to shame, said the development and growth of the nation were of paramount importance to all. He hailed the father of the bride, Sheikh Bin-Uthman, for his efforts as a committed Islamic scholar and contributing his quota to the development of Nigeria in all spheres of life.

He said he was given little time but despite the short notice he decided to abandon his tight schedule to intimate Governor Abdullahi Ganduje that he was coming to Kano even if the governor was not going to be in town.

Tinubu emphasised that we must work hard for the unity and development of the country, because the dividers would not stop in trying to divide the country, but if there is unity, they would not achieve their goals.

“The unity of the country is one of the cardinal areas that should be accorded more priority at all times,” he said.

But Tinubu’s encounter with some clerics later turned the visit to appear political as they gathered to openly back his presidential ambition when he met them in the house of Sheikh Abdulwwahab Abdallah, the leader of Ah’lusunnah Wajamma”a in the state during a private.

The ulamas and some juma’at mosque imams out rightly supported the idea that if Tinubu comes out to contest they would support him as that would be a pay-back time considering what he did for them when Buhari was at the peak of his presidential campaign.

Sheikh Abdulwwahab Abdallah said; “We collectively put pressure on Tinubu to support Buhari no matter what and since he had done that for us we have no reason to turn our backs against his presidential ambition.”

On his part, Sheikh Abdulgafar, who represented the Kadiriyya Movement at the meeting, said he agreed with the idea of paying Tinubu back whenever he decides to contest the presidential election as a way of paying him for what he did for them when Buhari needed their support.

He said politics is about give and take, hence the group had no alternative than to back him to achieve his aim of developing Nigeria.

He said it was time to pay him back for what he did for Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, whom they said had tried severally to clinch the presidency but failed until Tinubu joined forces with him.

The visit thus turned into something beyond marriage solemnisation to real politicking, leaving many confused.

Immediately after the ceremony, Tinubu proceeded to the Alfurqan Jumma’at Mosque where he met with the chief imam, Dr Bashir Omar. He also met with Dr Ahmad Datti whom he described as an old friend and ally.

His meeting with Dr Ahmad did not last more than 10 minutes before he proceeded to Sharada Phase 2, where he met with the congregation of all the imams and the ulamas representing Tijjaniyya, Qadiriyya and Izala sects and above all council of ulamas under the leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil.

Speaking to Tinubu, Sheik Shehu Shehu Maihula said: “It is indeed on record and in our minds what you did for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2014, this is somebody who tried all he could to clinch the presidential seat but failed severally not until you joined forces with him he was able to emerge victorious.”

Shehu Maihula of the Tijjaniyya sect added: “You, Bola Tinubu, brought Buhari the Muslim and Christian South to mend fences with the North for him to achieve his long time ambition. That’s why we are determined to pay you back this time around.”

With the visit, Tinubu has laid a solid foundation for himself and when the time comes he will be expected to reap from what he has sown.

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