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12-Year-Old Rapper, Lil Rodney Sentenced To 7 Years For Shooting 1-Year-Old Baby



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Rodney was accused of shooting a 1 year old baby and after a series of investigations, he was found guilty.

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The detention hearing which took place via zoom in September 2020, on the day the suspect turned 12 has now been released.

The judge continued: “You were here for… you’re on probation for arson and that is from 2019. And then, we got all kinds of promises. Most recently, I let you go. You keep cutting it [his ankle monitor] off, I’ve always let you go because you’re still young. I mean, you’re 11-years-old, right? So, I didn’t want to keep an 11-year–old in here.”

But the judge told him that every time they let him go, he keeps violating the conditions of his probation.

Judge Kim said: “So, you keep on running away, we keep on getting you back in here, make you stay a couple days, you promise me you’re not going to cut it (ankle monitor) off, and you cried a couple times about coming back here.

“And then, this last time we let you out…”

The judge then asks another participant of the Zoom call: “Mr Spence when was then last time we let him out?”

Spence replied: “He cut his monitor on 8/14 of this year.”

The judge then addressed the 12-year-old telling him that after promising he wouldn’t cut off his ankle monitor, he did it again.

Judge Kim then showed the boy a picture of himself holding a gun

I know 11-year-olds aren’t supposed to have guns after they’ve been accused of shooting a baby.”

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