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160 Almajiri Children Rescued In Kaduna



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The Kaduna State government has rescued 160 Almajiri from unlicensed schools and homes in Kaduna state.

In a statement released by Governor El-Rufai’s media aide Muyiwa Adekeye, it was gathered that some of the children are from 13 states in the north and south of the country while others are from Benin Republic, Burkina Faso and Niger Republic.

The places where the children were found was also found to have violated regulations set out by the state.

The Statement Read;

“Officials of the Kaduna State Government Task Force enforcing COVID-19 related regulations have rescued 160 children from locations that are neither authorised and licensed as schools nor as children’s homes.

“By keeping children in unauthorised places, the locations were also in contravention of KDSG land use regulations and inconsistent with the policy of repatriating almajiri to their states and local governments of origin to continue their education under the care of their parents, and in properly registered and regulated schools.

“KDSG wishes to remind all non-governmental organisations, corporate entities, religious leaders and faith institutions that the state government has laws prescribing the free and compulsory education of all children in properly registered schools.

“The rights of the children described as almajiri to be treated with the dignity accorded all other children is a matter of fairness and equality of treatment that no responsible government should compromise.”

It was further learnt that Almajiri children have been repatriated by the Kaduna state government to their states of origin since March 31, 2020.

The Statement Added;

“Since then KDSG has undertaken a continuous exercise to identify locations where these children are being kept and taken steps to rescue them from such places and reunite them with their patents to continue their education.

“As part of the implementation of this policy, Kaduna State has received 1,118 children from the state who were relocated from other states.

“The children confirmed to be bona fide citizens of Kaduna state will be relocated to their local governments of origin and handed over to the Local Government Council officials for documentation, registration and future enrollment into schools under the care of their parents or guardians.

“The children from ECOWAS countries will be handed over to the Nigerian Immigration Service for necessary attention.”

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