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“2021 What Did We Do to You!”- Lady Cries Out As She Loses Her Brother On 1st January 2021



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An Igbo girl called Ifeoma Okofor has no reason to celebrate the Happy New Year of the fresh year as tragedy dawns on her.

According to her, she was robbed by hoodlums while returning from crossover church service around 12:39 am. The thugs made away with her phone. She thought that was the end of her woes, little did she know her younger brother has been murdered.

Sharing photos of him, Ifeoma wrote;

2020 y
What did we do to u
12:39 I was coming back from church and they stole my phone I’m getting to my house. I thought that was all Only to discover they have killed my brother come back to us we miss you already

The young lady shared the photos of her deceased brother on her Facebook timeline. She said 2020 was better than 2021 as she still ask what she did to 2021 to deserve this kind of tragedy.


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