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25 Year Old Fashion Designer Allegedly Takes His Life After His Fianceé Cheats On Him, His Father however Cries Foul Play



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It seem a lot of deaths are becoming more suicidal. The police is still trying to wrap their minds around the recent death of a high school final year student who had reportedly committed suicide only for another one to happen today.

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In a report on Angel TV, a young fashion designer named Moses had taken his life after his girlfriend allegedly cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend.

The father of the deceased however has a different theory of the real cause of death of his 25 Year Old son.

According to the late Moses’ father, he had attended a wedding of one of his sisters with his girlfriend. But for some reason he didn’t come back home only for him (his father) to get a call about the sudden demise of his son.

” I was sleeping after eating dinner when I got a call that my son was dead. I couldn’t believe but I was told he committed suicide in a school and I quickly put on some clothes and went to the place which was a school about 5 minutes away. Upon getting there, I saw my son sitting on a table with the noose around his neck. I was confused because there was no blood or injury on his body and he did nothing to suggest he was sad or anything. What made me more suspicious was the fact that there was a mark around his neck which suggested he was killed by some evil people and later dumped there to look as if he had committed suicide.” He narrated.

He went on saying: ” my son was going to be 26 this year and he was always happy. He was an athlete back in the days and even won several medals in a competition held in 2011. My son didn’t commit suicide and I know he was killed. The police have come for his body and are doing an investigation.”

Speaking about his girlfriend, Moses’ father said he went to the wedding with his girlfriend and for sometime now Moses has suspected her of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend. But he didn’t see that as enough reason to commit suicide.

More updates on the issue soon.

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