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27 Kaduna Forestry College Students Regain Freedom From Bandits



The reappearance of Father Mbaka was graced with jubilation from the youth in Enugu State on Wednesday.

Recall that the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide (OYC) had in a statement reported the sudden disappearance of the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry.

The followers of the cleric and his ministry of adoration in Enugu also went to the streets to condemn his supposed disappearance.

Last week, Mbaka demanded that President Muhammadu Buhari resign or be impeached.

However, he was targeted by the Presidency, which said that the cleric was enraged because he attempted to procure contracts from the Buhari-led government but was turned down.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the cleric was seen in an open roof car waving to demonstrators who surrounded him, as well as Nigeria Police Force operatives.

His supporters were seen shouting ‘Father Mbaka, Oh! you are home!.”

Later, the reverend father exited the car to greet his followers and announced that he would hold a press conference.

Apart from the youth in Enugu, social media Nigerians have weighed on the issue, saying that Buhari led administration or the DSS must have known about Mbaka’s short disappearance.

  Senior Man Omoluabi 1 (@Greeneation) said on Twitter, “If someone is missing and the DSS comes out to tell the world that the person is not in their custody, just know that they are saying the opposite. The person is in their custody. Remember, they did the same to @dawisu and many others.”

  Also on Twitter, White Amadasun (@WhiteAmadasun) tweeted, “If anything untoward happens to Fr. Mbaka, President Muhammadu Buhari via Garbage Shehu and Enugu Catholic Bishop should be held responsible. If Sheikh Gumi, Sheikh Pantami, Miyetti Allah leaders and other Fulani’s can’t be invited and arrested by security agencies, nothing must happen to Fr. Mbaka.”

On Facebook, Kingsley Martinez Chinendu said, “So because Mbaka is now saying the truth, all the people that are loyal to the All Progressives Congress government is now after him.”

“Who else would abduct him overnight if not DSS?” Durumba Okechukwu queried on Facebook.

  Morris James said on Facebook, “APC at work!”

“Does it mean they kidnapped Rev Fr. Mbaka or what’s really going on?” Nonso Eze asked. “No one is safe. No freedom of speech.”


. Nigerians Accuse President Buhari’s Government, DSS For Father Mbaka’s Short Disappearance Follow GhGossip.

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