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3 Days After Leaking Former Girlfriend’s Sex Tape, Majah Hype Shed Tears On IG Live As Recounts How He Was Molested As A Child



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The Caribbean comedian denied all the accusations of his ex-girlfriend who swiftly reacted to the leaked tape after it crawled on social media and started spreading all over. The lady revealed how he abused her physically and molested her including pulling guns on her intermittently during their torrid relationship.

In a live video on Instagram, Majah Hype disclosed that he has been a victim of sexual abuse as a child and that his ex-fiance who he confided in knew about it and used it against him.

“I was molested as a child by a male family member and she took that and she used it as ammunition. We had an argument and she told me that I’m a faggot, she told me that my mother allowed somebody to molest me for four  years…”

He did not directly address the allegations by his ex but said “yes, I am not perfect but I tried my best not to entertain the insult, the war, and the argument and the confrontation.”


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