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3 False Rumors About Ramsey Nouah



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Ramsey Nouah is arguably one of the most famous Nollywood actors to have ever graced the big screens of Nollywood.

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His acting prowess have made him the target of many Nollywood producers and movie directors, this is so because most movie lovers would prefer to see him in movies than watch other actors.

The chase to get a piece of Ramsey is not limited to the movies but also to the news media as most bloggers and news platform prefer to cover him for the views it comes with.

This article explores top three false rumors about Ramsey Nouah,

  1. Ramsey Nouah is from a very wealthy home

Before Ramsey Nouah came out to give the proper details about his past and childhood, there were rumors that Ramsey Nouah was from a very wealth home because of the millionaire status of his father. However, in an interview with Sahara TV, Ramsey Nouah revealed he has no knowledge of his father and that he grew up from a moderate home.

2. Ramsey Nouah died in 2017

In July 2017, it was rumored that, Ramsey Nouah is dead. Some news platforms claimed he died through a gruesome road crash and others , of natural cause but Ramsey debunked all such claims.

3. Ramsey Nouah duped a Romania woman under the pretense of love

In 2015, Ramsey Nouah made headlines in Nigeria for allegedly defrauding a Romania woman of her money under the false pretense of love, but Ramsey debunked this claim also.

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