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32-Year-Old Mother Cries For Help On Social Media On How To Tighten Her Vagina



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A woman has sought help from members of a popular Facebook group ‘Tell It Moms’.

According to the 32-year-old lady, her husband is not enjoying her pu$$y anymore because it’s so loose.

She indicated although her husband is not complaining, she needs help on how to tighten her pu$$y so that her husband can enjoy having sexual intercourse with her.

Read the lady’s full post below:

“Hi Yummy Roni, pls keep me anonymous n post dis fr me , and notify me when posted. Dear yummies , pls help a sad sister.
I need help on how to tight my VJay , even though Opana is not complaining, but frm his actions, I know he doesn’t enjoy my pussy anymore, am so loose n does not even enjoy sex anymore
NB:am 32yrs with three kids, all by CS delivery but my very first delivery which I lost de baby and also had a serious pelvic floor tear happened 10yrs back, and I hv to undergo a pelvic floor repair surgery fr two consecutive times before things became better. So yummies in the hse, if u hv any remedy fr me , u r welcome, and if there is any gyanacologist among us ur gyanacological advice is also welcome. Thank u in advance. Will be reading comments .”

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