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39-year-old Man Faces Death Penallty For Killing Lover



A 39-year-old man, identified as Musiliu Owolabi who murdered his lover, Afusat Idowu has been sentenced to death by hanging by an Abeokuta High Court on Wednesday, November, 18.

Owolabi, an automobile mechanic was convicted on one count of murder.

The Chief Judge of Ogun State, Justice Mosunmola Dipeolu, while delivering her judgment, submitted that the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubts that Owolabi was guilty of the offence charged, hence, convicted him.

Dipeolu, said the offence committed contravened the provisions of section 319 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Ogun 2006.

She held that the evidence presented by the prosecution was tenable and therefore, sentenced Owolabi to death by hanging.

Earlier, the state prosecution counsel, Mr James Mafe, Director of legal Drafting, Planning Research and Statistics, said the convict committed the offence on Feb.1, 2018, at Camp area in Abeokuta.

Mafe said the convict took his lover to a hotel for pleasure after a while she complained of stomach ache and later started foaming from her mouth.

Mafe added, “The convict took her to his vehicle, on his way he noticed she was dead, and secretly took the deceased to an uncompleted building, dug a shallow grave and buried her without disclosing to anybody.

“The convict was arrested when the younger brother of the deceased went to the police station to complain that his sister who told him she was going for a naming ceremony at Bode Olude area never returned.

“Upon police investigation, with the help of tracking the deceased phone, it was discovered that the convict was the last person that spoke with the deceased.

“On his arrest, he made a confessional statement to the police and took them to where he buried his lover .”

The convict had earlier been arraigned on Nov. 12, 2019, and had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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Entertainment News

Chisom Mefor: International Artistes Shouldn’t Rip-off Africans Under the Pretext of Helping Africa



For a while now, many Africans have been brainwashed by the idea that superstars, especially African-Americans, directly influence the continent by collaborating with African artistes living in Africa. A classical illustration is the Burnaboy and Diddy partnership for the Twice as Tall album and Beyoncé’s well-talked about Brown Skin Girl, which, according to some folks, has put Africa on the world map.

On the 15th of August, P Diddy, a Black American rapper, actor, and record producer announced, via his Twitter page, that he would be producing Burnaboy’s 6th studio album. Going by Diddy’s words, he, for a long time, had wanted to connect to the motherland in a soulful way, which is why he poured his heart and mind into the work. 

Burnaboy’s album happened, peaking at an overwhelming 500+ million streams across platforms. As expected, the appraisals tagged along, not without the mention of how Diddy had put Burnaboy on the world map. I wondered, just like Beyoncé’s Lion King album, how exactly Diddy put the African giant, Burnaboy, on the map.  

If we’re keeping real, Afrobeat is the new global thing and western guys want to tap in so badly. You see, all Diddy did was use Burnaboy to build an African audience, what he did –  and is still doing – is benefitting off Burnaboy’s clout while ignorantly presuming to be helping Africa in a “soulful” way. 

There are a number of ways Africa can be helped, but I promise you, putting 400 black folks in a room chanting “Black is king” isn’t one of them. A first pragmatic step towards rendering is identifying where aid is most needed. Elizabeth Warren said, “Good education is the foundation for a greater future. For any country/individual, education is indispensable and a basic necessity for breakthrough and quality life.” I think about this a lot, I believe that this summarily elucidates the African plight and the inability of the continent to make any significant advancements. 

There are 30 million children out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa, 54% of whom are girls. With poverty’s upsurge climbing sharply, access to rounded education has become a luxury –  only accessible to a privileged few. Please tell me exactly what value a song album or musical tour adds to the average African? Does it guarantee a future for the 10.5 million out-of-school kids between ages 5-11 in Nigeria, or the betterment of kids who are affected by the lead exposure and are starving in Congo, or those dying of Ebola by the minute?

If Afro celebrities actually want to help Africa, why not set up a standard research center in Africa for melanated skin, hair, and African herbs? Bitter leaf (Onugbu) helps to cleanse vital organs of the body like the liver and the kidney. We’ve known since inception that Onugbu is also used in the treatment of skin infections such as ringworm, rashes, eczema, and regulation of blood pressure. There are other herbs like Utazi for fever, Ugu for malaria, and so on. A lot of us use black soap, shea butter, or avocado for the treatment of skin diseases, acne, stretch marks. Rice water is used to treat acne, as for hair treatment. Still, the real question is: when would African products compete in the global stage, attract investors, and generate employment for her folks? 

One may mistake this as me expecting international artists to take responsibility for our problems. Let me restate that no one is expected or obligated to help Africa except Africans, but what should not be done is directly benefiting off the African continent while pretending to be offering us ‘help’.

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Entertainment News

Retired police officer bites off 18-yr-old girl’s ear during fight in Edo



A retired police officer, identified as Mr Ogunbor, has been accused of biting off the ear of an 18-year-old girl, Faith Aigbe, at Eweka Street, off Aduwawa Road, Benin City, Edo State.

According to reports, the incident happened on Sunday, November 15, during a quarrel between the victim’s mother and the Ogunbor family.

It was gathered that the said victim returned from church to find Mr Ogunbor, his wife, daughter and some other family members allegedly assaulting her mother. 

Speaking with journalists in Benin, Faith said when Mr Ogunbor picked up a shovel to hit her mother, she quickly held back the weapon. The retired police officer was said to have grabbed Faith and chopped off her right ear with his teeth.

She alleged that she and her mom later went to police station to file a complaint but Mr Ogunbor arrived there and threatened the police officers, claiming to be a retired commissioner of police.

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Nigerian Lady Reveals What A Man Did After She Told Him She Has Not Eaten For 3 Days



A Nigerian lady took to social media to reveal what a man did after she repeatedly told him she had n0t eaten for three days.

According to the lady who took to popular forum, Nairaland, the man after telling her he couldn’t help her out of her situation stopped talking to her but unknown to him she was actually fasting at that moment.

Read Her Full Post Below;

This trait seems to be common among some Nairaland men (with apologies to all the men here though) cos I never really experienced such attitude with men ive met offline. So don’t know whether they have a nairaland men’s association (not the red pillars or mgtow kinda thing though) where they agree to behave likesome. The way they reason sometimes just baffles me.

Ok. So, I met someone here as a friend and I wanted it to stay that way. Along the line, he wanted more than just friendship but I just kept dodging because I don’t want any issues as he’s a good friend (a born again) and I like our friendly chats and all that. So didn’t want anything serious that could jeopardize that but he kept pressing on and stressing until I naturally began to feel relaxed (against my wish) you know how that constant checking on someone tends to make one want to compromise their Stance. So I sort of got trapped.

Now here’s the issue. He would always want to know about my biz and job. If I went or not. So I decided to test him. He would always call and ask if I’ve eaten. So that day, I said no (was fasting) but didn’t want to divulge it to him that I was fasting. He called later in the day and asked again, I said I’ve not eaten, he dropped. I now felt he prolly thought I wanted him to feed me huh??.. I observed he reduced his calls. Third day he called and asked again, I said no. And he said “na wa o” I was like why, he said I’m sorry I can’t help. Huh?? I don’t remember asking him so I decided to play along. He called in the evening, I still said I’ve not eaten ( cos I had not broken my fast then) and he said I’m sorry ( I was just laughing within). I asked him, for what? he said because he couldn’t help. And since then he stopped calling only to chat after a week to ask if the biz I was pursuing was through. I ignored him and for two months no contact.

Just last night he chatted me up again asking if I’ve resumed work and I said yes. he then asked if he’s free to call me bla bla. And since last night hes been trying to keep up chats but I’m kinda cold towards him and he asked why I’m so cold. Acting like nothing happened.

Now, this is what I feel. so if someone is truly dying of hunger (God forbid) you’ll abandon the fellow? or that they can’t date someone who’s biz is shaky or has not resumed work due to a global crises that affected everyone? I’m not saying anybody should carry someone else’s burden ( there was really no burden anywhere as God has been faithful.) but I don’t understand what actually played out there and why he’s all of a sudden interested again after learning I’ve resumed work. I don’t just understand because I don’t want to be rude. Was that a right thing?

I’m really confused here because.. I mean.. I never asked you to help me with anything but being there would have been enough. Calling and chatting would have helped me scale through the bordom I felt that period of compulsory break from work and biz but he went into Oblivion even when I never placed any demands on him.

I bow to men and the way they reason o.”

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