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4 Nigerian Comedians Who Are Also Good Singers



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The comedy industry in Nigeria has welcomed new talents in recent years that have added something different to the game.

And with social media being ubiquitous, it is easier for comedy content to be easily distributed worldwide.

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At one point in their comedy career, some Nigerian comedians have attempted music either by doing a remake of one existing song or by doing a music project unique to them.

Here is our own list of Nigerian comedians who have attempted singing and we can confirm to you that they are good singers.

Here is our pick on 4 Nigerian Comedians Who Are Good Singers:-

1. Broda Sh

Have you listened to Broda Shaggi’s “Wonderfool” a cover of Burna Boy’s “Wonderful” track? Then you are missing. Nigeria’s number 1 fine boy Agbero as he fondly calls himself is a very talented entertainer. The brand “Broda Shaggi” is 100% percent artistry in the areas of comedy, music, and even dance. Wow, never have I seen someone this gifted. He is sure putting his God’s given talent into good use by doing music regularly alongside comedy


Chioma Omeruah popularly known as Chigul is a Nigerian comedian with so much to offer when it comes to music.

Have you ever seen Chigul Perform a song on stage before? If No, you won’t understand how musically gifted she is and of course she’s got an amazing voice. That is the gospel truth.

3. Kenny Blaq

If Kenny was not a part of this list, I am sure you would be wondering who did this list. well, he is here and he deserves all the hype.  This young man called Kenny Blaq is seen as the king of musical comedy in Nigeria. I believe only a very talented musician can do a stand-up comedy with music infusion and make it work. He does a superb job too.

4. Twyse Ereme

Twyse Ereme is a Nigerian comedian popular on YouTube and Instagram for doing funny comedy skits with only him acting different characters. In 2019, he went from doing trash versions of blown songs to doing proper songs to the point that he released an EP where he featured Dagrin’s brother Trod on “Trippin“, a song on the EP. When I listened to it, indeed, I enjoyed it.

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