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4 Words you should always say In your relationship



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Below are essential words you need to always say in your relationship.

1 “I love you”

This word is simple but powerful cause it can help solve a lot of problems and doubts in a relationship. Saying I love you in a relationship, helps it stay strong. When you make use of these words in a relationship, it will make your partner not have doubts or regrets about being in the relationship.

2 ” I’m sorry”

This is another strong word that will help solve a lot of problems in a relationship, you saying I’m sorry, Won’t make you the weak one in a relationship but makes you the strong one. Saying you are sorry when you are wrong and to someone you hurt, just to calm the person down shows you want peace and harmony in the relationship.

Don’t prove mister right in a relationship learn to be humble towards your partner.

3 Please

This is a very simple but strong word in a relationship, saying please will make your partner know you are being sincere and would want to accept any request you demand of them.

When you want your partner to help you do sometimes, you should add please to that request like “Please help me bring my phone” etc. When you add please to any request, your partner will happily do it.

4 Thank you

You need to always remember to say thank you whenever your partner does something for you, especially if it was from their heart. When they give you a gift, always say thank you and show how enthusiastic you are about it.

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