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40+ Dazzling Onion Colour Aso-ebi Styles – Stylish Naija



Summer season is upon us and with it comes the temperature that can be extremely harsh on our hair. But that does mean we have to sacrifice our summer getaways and hide under the roof for the next four months. As the covid-19 pandemic continues, governments are also fighting hard, ensuring everyone is vaccinated while the restrictions are lifted for lives to return back to normal. If you are holidaying this summer, why not spring forward with a fresh protective hairstyle look? A look that’s will bring forth the holiday excitement and have you worry less about the hair while dressing up. Pick your favorite, below, and get braiding ahead of the summer break.

1. Boho Locs

Boho Locs are not only unique, but they are also super chic and the style is long-lasting that can last up to three months if you take proper care. If you are growing tired of the basic black, try installing the locs with different shades like Ciara. The length also depends on your preference but like the 35-year-old singer, the longer the better.

2. Box Braid

Box braids are one of the prettiest braided hairstyles out there. It’s also a great protective style that allows your natural hair to grow if you are installing an extension for extra length. This season, try something different and opt for the braided version of the bob cut hairstyle. 

3. Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs are still one of the trendiest braided hairstyles since its prominence in 2020. It will be a great choice if this summer means escaping from one location to another — because not only can the hairstyle last 2 to 3 months (if with proper maintenance in place), it’s a worry-less kinda hairstyle.

4. Passion Braids

Passion braids aren’t a trend, there are going to be with us forever. Here, Brandy puts the hairstyle on show, leaving us coveting. Similar to its predecessor (passion twists), passion braids are sleeker in nature but with a messy finish. The best part? The hairstyle is seemingly lightweight. Try this sun-kissed color to get the best of it.

5. Lemonade Braids

Inspired by Beyonce’s 2016 visual album, Lemonade, if you haven’t tried it yet, consider this side cornrow your ultimate summer hairstyle inspo. It’s a combination of cornrow, Fulani hairstyle, and goddess braids, finished with laid edges and feed-ins.

6. Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are every girl’s favorite protective style. There are everything — from looking effortlessly cool, being flexible when it comes to styling, very lightweight and pain-free. It also supports hair growth and with these countless perks, be rest assured those hot summer days would be chic and seamless. 

7. Stitch Ponytail

If you love ponytails but want something more creative and unique, then you should try this stitch braids and ponytail. The hairstyle is stitched and braided at the front while a little weave is sewn in to create the ponytail. 

8. Stitch and Knotless braids

Stitch and knotless braids are similar to stitch ponytails but this one is braided throughout. If you ask us, we’d certainly go for this hairstyle — just because it can keep the hair off the neck during the hot and humid days.

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