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5 Clear signs your ex still loves you



Sometimes, after breakups in relationships, there might still be some traces of affection in the heart of your partner due to the some reasons.

Below are the few reasons;

1. They call you for no reason

When your ex calls you for no reason that shows they misses you and the love they have for you is still there.

2. They like to talk about the good times you both had together

This shows they still want you back, so they would want to convince you into a possible way to get back together.

3. They always want to know about your present love life

They are curious to know who has replaced them in your heart and may want to show comparison

4. They jokingly tells you they misses you

This can be in conversations where he/she just tells you they misses you and laugh it off almost immediately so as not to portray more of the feelings they still have for you.

5. They are always happy when they sees you

When they show that happiness anytime they sees you goes a long way into the feelings they still have for you.

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