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5 Facts About This Female Pastor Who Said There Is No Problem With Wife Sleeping With Brother-In-Law



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5 Facts About This Female Pastor Who Said There Is No Problem With Wife Sleeping With Brother-In-Law

Pastor Mrs. Veronica has been a subject of conversation for the past 2 weeks and it has evoked the need to make careful observations about her and warn readers for their own protection because while we have the freedom to choose, it is important to review facts before making choices.

Minister Mrs. Veronica is the senior pastor of the Faith Church of Hope and Prosperity, Asaba, Delta State. He appears to be an angel sent from heaven to set people free.

It has been long that this lady shared informations about how God have sent her to deliver people especially men from their infertility issues, and she also said that the if any man wants to be healed by her, he will have to go to bed with her before the healing can take place.

That was actually done before she then recently uploaded another post telling women that they can sleep with their husband brothers, that its not a sin.

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And the same lady also posted that God has not allowed her to be Infected by all these sexual transmitted Infections because it was God that really sent her, she claims.

Fact about this lady

  1. This lady in question is about 35 to 38 year old and it has been reported that she has never been married.
  2. She came back from South Africa to Nigeria and opened her church, after studying in South Africa, she opened a church as a minister.
  3. There is no record of her being unofficial pastoral ordination that made her to be called a pastor.
  4. This lady also made it clear that she will never get married in her life.
  5. After seeing what this lady declared on social media her church is still on the increase, over 700 members and still counting.

Still under investigation..

The question is will you allow such a lady to be your spiritual Mother..?

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