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5 Nigerian Comedians Who Would Kill A Netflix Comedy Special



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There are a lot of Nigerian comedians but some of them have distinguished themselves through their arts and style. Netflix, on the other hand, is famous for running comedy specials featuring different comedians. They are, however, yet to feature any Nigerians on these comedy specials, but we believe that these comedians would do justice to these specials if given a chance to.

Here are 5 Nigerian Comedians we believe would kill a Netflix comedy special:

  1. Basketmouth: If you doubt for even a minute that Basket can slay a comedy special, then you must be joking because the man is absolutely hilarious.

  1. Ali Baba: All Ali Baba has to do is bring his ability to tell spontaneous jokes, and you have got yourself one hour of non-stop laughter.

  1. Bovi: Take Bovi’s funny face, his dramatics, and his hysterical jokes, and you would have created for yourself a ridiculously funny Netflix comedy special.

  1. Emma Oh My God: With his versatility in acting, singing, dancing and stand-up comedy, there’s no doubt that Emma oh my God can kill a comedy special.

  1. Gordons: His random ‘Hallelujah’ placements, his years of experience and animated deliverance of jokes is the perfect mix for one hour of bad-ass stand-up comedy.

All of these comedians are all very talented and have put in years of hard work honing their crafts. Hopefully, someday soon, Netflix will see the light and invite them one after the other to host their own comedy specials. Tell us if you agree that all of these comedians will do justice to their own Netflix comedy special in the comment section below.

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