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5 Reasons Why Body Count Doesn’t Matter



The body count issue isn’t particularly a new trend but over the weekend a video trended where a certain man categorized people with a high body count based on the number people they had slept with and them losing their right to call their sexual organs as private parts especially once they have slept with more than 10 persons. Does Body Count Really Matter

He said anybody who has slept with more than 10-15 persons have no right to refer to their sexual organs as private organs but it belongs to the Government the center for “Tourism and Pleasurable” activities.

But the real question is does high body count really matter? Well in the humble opinion of the love conductor, it really doesn’t matter as long as she is all yours now and isn’t going to cheat on you.

  1. Personality And Good Behaviour Matters A Lot More:
    Love and relationship is a very funny and dicey case, that no one person has the one perfect formula/answer on how every relationship should be and work. So that’s why when I see guys carrying the matter of body count for head i just shake my head walk on. Why because the same guys have body counts that are shooting through the roof why must it be different for the ladies, goal post shifting. Above all what actually matters the most is the lady’s personality and her attitude towards the relationship and you that should matter way more than body count.
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  2. Experience:
    Well if she does have a high body count, then it means she’s coming with a wealth of experience of how to satisfy you in the “za other room” and this i know a lot of men cry for. No man wants his lady to be just a log of wood, who just lies there wants the man to do all of the work. So if she’s been around a bit well that means she will have picked up a thing or two that will most definitely come in handy in the bedroom. 
  3. Understanding And Communication:
    Understanding your partner, spouse, lady, bae, and she understanding you return matters a lot more than body count. Because body counts don’t describe who you are. Good and proper Communication between partners be it just sex partners or lovers it helps create a healthy relationship. You both should be able to talk about things, explain things and make honest conversation, and when body count comes into the discussion be honest with each other. If you truly love her and care then the body count is actually then just a number not a definition of her.  READ ALSO: That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why A Proper SNG Can’t Be A SMAN
  4. True Loves Trumps It All:
    If the relationship was built on true love, care, and passion for each other’s feelings then love is all that matters in the case of body count.
  5. Matches Your Energy (Happiness Ni KOKO):
    See ehn, in this life be with a person that matches your energy and not one who would be draining you of yours. If the lady that matches your energy has a high body count bros, carry face and move on with her as long as she gives you peace of mind and makes you happy.

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