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5 Things Girls Fear The Most



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Fears are the things you think you can’t do because of your age, your appearance, your intelligence, or any of your characteristics; they are obstacles your mind puts between you and your goals according to the motivational Doug Hall.

To fight your fears you need to face them. Now is the time to force yourself into the situation you apprehend the most and see how good you can deal with it.

Below are five situations most girls fear a lot, and the best ways to fight them.

Exposing body

Let’s be honest. We all have the sexiest bikinis in our wardrobes, but the minute we wear them, flat chest, huge thighs, cellulite, acne… everything pops out to our eyes. The truth is, the flaws you see are only an exaggeration created by the fear you have of not being perfect, what a waist! It’s time now to look away from your flaws and into your qualities. People with pimples have beautiful eyes, and others with a small chest have flawless skin, that’s how it works.

Not finding love

The fear of staying single is common among women of all kinds and ages. Everybody wants to find the perfect partner to continue their life with, especially women. You should be aware that this thought finds its roots back in the old ages where women were more objects than humans, and relationships were more transactions than choices. Times have changed now, and we must change the way we think too. Not only women have gained rights and freewill, but men, too, have changed the way they look at their future wives. Despair is no longer a fashion, and submission to society is not appreciated anymore. Independence, strength, and courage are the new sexy.

Death of loved ones

There are some nights where sleeping is quasi-impossible because of all the dark thoughts that come to you thinking of the time when the life of your closest ones comes to an end. Your destiny without them is unknown, and your future looks dark after they’re gone. We can’t predict life, and we don’t know who will die first, that’s why every time you feel fear, just think about people who lived the same thing before. At first, it seems like they would never get over it, but life soon goes on, and they get drifted by the wave of daily routines.

Speaking in public

Standing before a crowd and delivering a speech might seem so simple, though it’s one of the ten biggest fears in the world. So if you have cold feet moments before your speech, don’t freak out; you’re not the only one. The first thing to do is to be comfortable with the subject you’re about to discuss, you also need to have a decent knowledge on the subject, and it would be great if you take notes and revise them before meeting the public, as writing is a good help in memory to so many people.


The more you’re self-conscious about your probable flaws, the more you isolate yourself from the rest and society. The rule is, people can’t love you if you don’t give love to yourself. So if you want to be popular amongst others, start by feeling good in your skin. Find your assets and learn to appreciate them. Always keep in mind that people don’t pay attention to your imperfections as much as you think, just like you do with your friends or your family.

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