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7 Lucky winners emerge and a brand new car is still up for grabs in the Infinix Mega Jackpot



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If you just read that headline then I’m guessing you’re having one of two reactions. One, it’s your first time hearing of the Infinix Mega jackpot Promo and your eyes just widened in amazement and you want to know all about it.

Two, you’ve heard about the promo and your heart skipped a beat when you learnt that winners have emerged but now you’re excited that the grand prize is still on the table.

Well, it might not be there for much longer. But, regardless of whichever reaction you had, there’s still enough time for you to participate and become a winner just like these seven lucky Nigerians who are now wearing broad smiles on their faces, courtesy of Infinix.

The Infinix Mega Jackpot Promo kicked off on the 27th of November and many Infinix customers are already recording big wins. Every year, Infinix creates different means through which they appreciate their customers for their unwavering support and constant patronage. But, for the first time in history, Infinix decided to run a Mega Promo this Christmas.

It’s already a given that many Nigerians will be going on shopping sprees this season. Since part of this shopping might already include buying a smartphone for personal use or as a gift to a loved one, Infinix has decided to reward customers with amazing gift prizes while they do just that.

As of today, Infinix has rewarded seven lucky winners from different regions in Nigeria with home appliances after they bought one of a select range of Infinix smartphones from designated Infinix stores.

Awoniyi Rasak from Ibadan, Abdullahi Ibrahim from Kaduna, Mike from Lagos, and Aminu Abdulwab have won themselves washing machines in the Infinix Mega Jackpot Promo after a raffle draw. Also, Danjuma from Kano, and PTSA from Onitsha won refrigerators. While, Ukim Anefiok from Portharcout walked away with a brand new home theatre.

Interestingly, the campaign is still on until the 15th of January 2021. So, you too could join in today and you might just be that lucky person that gets to drive off in a brand new car courtesy of Infinix this season.

Joining the Infinix Global Jackpot campaign

This year, Infinix has launched several amazing devices that gives you immense value for your money. They launched the Infinix S5 pro with a fancy 16MP motorized pop-up selfie camera, the Hot 10 which stomached up a long lasting 5200mAh battery and adopted a 6.78 inch screen.

Recently, they launched the Infinix Note 8 series which was codenamed the Night shot king because of its high photography performance during the night time. And, just before that, they launched the Note 8 which had a stunning design with a diamond-shaped camera array and a high-performing gaming processor.

Buying from a selected range of these devices would be a sure way to participate in this Mega Promo.

Here are three different ways that you can participate in the Infinix Global Mega Promo;

  1. Offline purchase

Walk into any authorized retail store and buy any of the following devices; Infinix Note 8 series, Zero 8 series, Hot 10 series or the S5 pro and stand a chance to win branded gift items in-store, like bags, flasks, umbrellas etc.

  1. Join the Infinix community – Xclub

If you’re not a part of the Xclub and you own an Infinix device, you can simply register by accessing the Xclub application on your smartphone application list. If you do not own an Infinix device, there’s nothing to worry about. You can also join the community by registering here.

Participate in Xclub activities after registration to stand a chance of winning discount coupons to purchase any Infinix device at a discount. Lucky individuals might also get to win one unit of the Infinix Zero 8 for free.

  1. Participate in the raffle

The biggest winners will come from the raffle draw. Participants will stand a chance to walk away with selected home appliances and the Grand prize – one new car.

Here’s what you need to do to participate;

  1. Get a ticket when you buy any of the Infinix Note 8 series, Hot 10 series, Zero 8 series, or S5 pro from offline stores to qualify for the raffle draw.
  2. Follow @Infinixnigeria to get updates on the promo.
  3. Watch out for your raffle ticket number during the raffle draw winner announcement. =

For more information on the Infinix Global Jackpot, visit Infinix on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @Infinixnigeria.


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