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75 percent of Nigerians not happy with state of things -Senator Okorocha



Former Imo state governor and Senator representing Imo West, Rochas Okorocha, is of the opinion that more than 75 percent of Nigerians are not happy with the present situation of things in the country.

Okorocha said this while hosting a group of physically challenged persons who visited him at his Unity House office in Abuja.

”Nothing productive can come out of this percentage of the populace who do not daily find joy in the scheme of things in the country.

I will confidently say that over 75% of Nigerians are not happy, if Nigerians are not happy, nothing productive can come out of this large number of the populace”.

Speaking further, Okorocha said

”It is no longer the moment for us to criticize, or to make abuses because that has not helped us, if abuses and anger would have helped the nation, I am sure by now we would have fixed it.

We must change our style as a nation and imbibe the spirit of brotherhood; prayer; love, because it is the greatest instrument we can deploy at this moment we’ve found ourselves. We need sacrifice deeply rooted in love and with that I believe that a new Nigeria will definitely emerge.

My message to the nation is that we must never give up on our nation called Nigeria, yes things are not okay with our nation; yes we have challenges, but we must never give up on this nation called Nigeria.

I believe a new Nigeria will soon evolve, so we must never give up on Nigeria, but rather pray for this nation.

There is a lot of killing and blood-letting and crisis, I believe that God hears the prayers of the poor; the needy; the blind and the cripple much more than anyone, so let’s use the opportunity to pray for the nation.”

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