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99.9% of Nigerian men are not good in bed – Sex therapist, Soul Spice



Sex therapist, Soul Spice took her place in the guest seat on Linda Ikeji TV’s NaijaTalk Podcast where she made interesting submissions about sex.

Born Hannah Jonathan, Soul Spice Nigerian shockingly concluded that a lot of Nigerian men lack the necessary requisites in bed to drive their women crazy. She explained that vastly, this kind of problem is borne out of sexual incompatibility.

She said: “I always say this, if you’re a two minutes man, you’re perfect, you don’t have a problem. If you’re a 30 seconds man, you’re perfect, you don’t have a problem. You become imperfect when you’re dating or you’re married to a woman who wants 30 minutes.”

She added that most Nigerian men do not know the right thing to do to pleasure a woman.

She said: “Trust me, Nigerian men, 99.9, and I’m saying this as fact, 99.9 percent are not good in bed.”

She went on to reveal details that spices up a couple’s sex life.

Video below;

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