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A Fulani Christian Shares His Challenges After Accepting Christ



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A Twitter user with the username @Musa_B_Musa shared a story of his journey into Christianity and the attendant challenges. Read below:

On a faithful Sunday I left home early in the morning and went to church without my father’s knowledge, not knowing that before I come back home someone has already tell him that he see me in the
Church. When I go home, my father locked me in a room for good 4 days without giving me something to eat, it’s only my mom that do give me water to drink secretly. There is a day that my father went for a meeting because he is a chief of Fulanis of the local govt where we are
Living, then my mom use that opportunity and break the path lock of the room and brought me out. She gave me 1k and told me to use it as a transport to ran away from the place where we are living (Kasuwan Magani) of Kajuru local govt area of Kaduna state.
That is how I collected the 1k and left my wife and my daughter there. After I come into Kaduna town I try and approach one church and told them everything but they refuse to accommodate me, I pleaded with them to link me with anyone that can be of help but they ask me
To leave. The second church that I approach happened to be the worst, they even says am one of the Fulani herdsmen that are killing people in southern Kaduna, so the securities are after me that is why I want to lie to them so that they should hide me, they told me that
Either I should tell them the truth or they should call police to come and arrest me, I told them that the Bible says anything that is yes let it be yes and anything that is no let it be no anything beyond that is coming from the devil after they heard that from me they
Allowed me to go, I become devasted, frustrated, and confuse. I don’t know what to do again, tears � � keep on rolling on my face because someone call me and told me that my father beats my mom to comma because is the one that help to run away from the house and my father
Have told the security men that anywhere they sees me they should arrest me because am one of the arm robbers and kidnappers that terrorize Abuja/Kaduna express way. Tears � � � keep on rolling on my face and the churches that approach they refuse to listen to me
As I keep on going to one church to another, I meet someone that told me that they will not be able to accommodate me but he will help me and give me transport so that I should leave Kaduna completely, and that is how I succeeded in running away from Kaduna state.
Even after I ran from Kaduna state none of the churches I approach shows concern because am Fulani by tribe so I keep on passing the night in an uncompleted building, I don’t move around because anyone could hot me, am always starving, I didn’t get any help is when my story
Got circulated on twitter before help start coming. That is where I was able to get a small place where I am managing and start going to site work up to the time that my wife and my daughter reunite with me though I never pass a day or a night since I was born and got married
Without having anything to cook until when I become a christian but even with that I have experience a peace of mine that no one can explain….And presently none of my relatives knows my whereabouts

This is just a little of my story.

Thanks and remain bless in Jesus name.

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