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‘A girl who bangs me in my dreams appeared in real life to sleep with me’ – Man narrates



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A man has shared an intriguing story that sounds like a flick from a Hollywood movie.

The unnamed man wrote to US-based Nigerian relationship coach and pastor, Shola Jordan Adeoye telling him about his mysterious encounter with an anonymous lady who sleeps with him in his dreams.

The man said he always has sex with the lady in his dreams every night and although he has prayed fervently about it (since such dreams in the context of Africans denote a bad omen), the seemingly pleasurable dream kept occurring.

To his surprise, he encountered the lady in real life while on a bus, and before he knew it, he was having sex with her in real life. The message as shared on Facebook reads;

“Pastor, there is this girl who always comes to bang me in my dream every nite. I have prayed for months about it, but she refused to stop. One day I was inside the bus, and to my surprise, the same lady sat behind me. We connected, and yesterday, we banged in real-time. Is she a demon or my appointed wife, sir?”

See reactions that trailed the post;

Eve Bath wrote: I will want you to monitor your self from the moment you accomplished your goal, don’t pray any prayer on this matter and use this same platform and tell us the outcome if God does not take us we will read your story once more.

Mercy Peter wrote: You are playing with fire, better get on your knees and pray to God for forgiveness and deliverance. Go to your Pastor and inform your mother if she is prayerful. You really need spiritual help, and fast.

Ileogben Wilson wrote: When we watch too much of Hollywood and fantansy a lot, things like this happen. You had sex with her both in the physical and the spiritual, bros please who cut that soap for you. By the way, you have to start renewing your mind. Stop watching porn and avoid her completely. Also, remember that, as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it.

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