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A glance into Hajia4Real’s expensive In-House recording studio



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Hajia4Real has given her fans and followers a sneak peek of her expensive in-house recording studio.

The model in exploring other fields of creativity has released a song dubbed ”Badder Than” which has been met with mixed reactions.

It is almost as if Hajia4Real got tired of being in the background playing video vixen and has decided to step out of their shadows.

Her new release has had some great reviews with some cybernauts considering it a great start to a career in music.

As expected, the trolls have also had a field day calling her song wack and cautioning her to stick to being a fashionista, model and video vixen.

Born Mona Montrage, the social media influencer as part of a recent conversation with Abeiku Santana was asked to show her freestyling skills on Okay FM.

Her floppy freestyle has fuelled even more trolling on social media with people pointing to her lack of talent.

On the other hand, Nana Aba Anamoah called Mona’s new song a banger asking her to ignore the haters.

Meanwhile, Mona seems unmoved by the trolling that has come her way as a new video of her singing along to her song at her expensive in-house recording studio has surfaced on social media.


Her spacious and cosy studio which is inside her plush Trassaco Valley mansion is beautifully embellished with pink painting with her name inscribed on the wall.

Mona’s musical journey obviously would not be devoid of criticism and trolling because people already have a portrait of her being a model stuck in their minds.

However, her ability to deal with the bashing and to keep pushing will determine her success as an artist.

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