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A great relationship doesn’t happen on the start but how well you continue to build it to the end – Nadia Buari



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People do different things for their partners on and off social media and it’s easy to label it romance even when it’s not.

Noted Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari recently took to social media to reveal what true romance means, just in time for the much-celebrated Valentine’s Day.

In a post on her Instagram stories channel, the screen diva pointed out that people don’t understand what real romance is as it’s not about buying but about giving.

Additionally, she cited examples of moments of true romance such as holding hands, randomly texting, dedicating favorite songs, listening, using loving words even in dire situations, and kissing in the rain.

The movie star also said that a great relationship is not about the love that people share in the beginning, but about how well they continue to build love until the end.

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