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A lady who can’t cook, clean and wash can still be a good wife – Man argues



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A Ghanaian man who comes across as a feminist has argued that a woman’s domestic chores ability should not be used as a yardstick to measure whether she will be a good wife or not.

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The man, Koo Kofi dropped this opinion in a popular Facebook group called Tell It All, where he succeeded in sparking varied reactions.

Kofi indicated that men who still hold the view that a good wife must be able to cook, clean, and wash have a primitive mindset.

To buttress his point, Koo Kofi said wives of rich kings and princes do not perform domestic chores and men should stop being poor in order to give their wives the good life they deserve.

He wrote; ”A woman who cannot cook, clean, wash or sweep can still be a good wife and be in a successful marriage. It’s 3rd century mindset and poverty mentality to measure up a wife material by her domestic abilities.

Ask the wives of the filthy rich, kings and princes what domestic chores is required of them in fulfillment of their marital duties #ReflectionsOfAFeminist #MrFeminist”

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