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A Large part Of Rivers State Have Not Had Power Supply Since December 5, 2020



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It all started from last year December 5th 2020 till date the half of Rivers state have being in total darkness without the help of the ministry of power of Rivers state and PHCN.

The world can understand the hardship and the suffering of buying fuel everyday and the carbon monoxide
released to the air which is dangerous to both the children and the adults also coupled with the present back soothe in Rivers state.

Most people of Elelewon,Apajor,Eleme etc suffer in the hands of the big wigs,or political rascals, are the people not part if Rivers state anymore? The Governor should please weigh into this matter as soon as possible before the mentioned communities take laws into their hands.

Let me also remind the people of Nigeria violence is not everything but good dialogue and understanding

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