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‘A lot of people who hate cheating are cheats’ – Blessing Okoro



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Blessing Okoro

Relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has shared her thoughts about the act of cheating.

According to her, cheats hate to be cheated adding that a lot of people who hate to be cheated are cheats.

She made this bold statement in a recent social media post on her verified Instagram handle where she asked those questioning her post to shut up because they know it is true.

She stated that the main reason why cheats hate cheating is that they just can’t deal with the fact that someone is smarter than them.

In her view, this is the main reason why cheating men can’t stand cheating women, because men hate to believe that woman can play the game better.

His post reads;

“A lot of people who hate Cheating are cheats too, They just hate the fact that Someone is smarter than they Are…”

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