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A Lot Of Young Girls And Boys Are “Chopping” Themselves Too Much – Marie Stopes Health Center Raises Concern



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 Madam Patricia Antwi Bosiako of Marie Stopes Health Center has stated that the reason there is a lot of rise in teenage pregnancy is because young girls and boys around 15 years like having too much sex.

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Speaking in an interview with Berla Mundi on the NewDay show, Madam Patricia Antwi Bosiako stated that the rate at which these teenagers engage in unprotected sex is alarming and something has to be done about it soon before it gets out of hand.

“A demographic health survey in 2014 said that about 11% of women between ages of 25 to 49 had had sex at age 15, and it further increased to 44% at age 18. So the reality now is that our boys and girls are having more sex”. she said.

The initiative is to champion Adolescent reproductive health, educate the youth on sexual health and the factors that contribute to the rise in teenage pregnancies and reduce the rate of abortion in society.

The deputy director of operations at the health centre told Berla that increased numbers are because of the absence of education.

She compared the number of pregnant teenagers as three full stadia as an alarming cause for worry regarding the future of the youth in the country.

“The reality is that education is key, and we need to educate our women and girls. We have a healthy community, and we need to make sure that we have well-resourced persons and if these young girls of a hundred and seven thousand (107,000).

“I think the population of the stadium is about forty thousand, so that is 3 stadia full. Can you imagine Accra sports stadium by 3 is full of pregnant young girls? Who are going to lose their aspirations, dreams and goals, and some are going to be vagabond and engage in all social vices that do not work well for us,” she added.

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