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A man beats his ex-girlfriend mercilessly for attempting to collect her money from his mother



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A lady identified as  Precilaw has narrated an ordeal she had to endure for from her former boyfriend. She said she received the beatings of her life fo trying to collect some money she gave to the boy’s mother as a loan.

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She took to her Instagram page to write:

“A very important message to everyone #SAY NO TO VOILENCE AND BRUTALITY.
I’m telling this story as the friend of the victim and also as a victim of the brutality that took place last night on the 9th of October 2020.

My friend asked me to accompany her with her other friends to go collect her money, her ex mother is owing her.

When we got there my friend asked us to keep a distance so she can go approach the woman herself to talk to her politely….

We had no idea what conversations she had with the woman, then suddenly her son came out from no where and began beating us mercilessly with a koboko. We got so many bruise marks on our body and the pictures here is proof of the brutality we suffered yesterday. I’ve been told not to post this but it’s imperative because violence against Ladies has to stop and the perpetrator of this brutal act mustn’t go unpunished.”

See photo below:

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