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A Must Read! Ideas that will land you in your dream job



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Starting your career journey, getting a job is one step every fresh graduate including you are in a hurry to take, being that responsibilities now lies on you. At this stage, you become desperate, anxiety sets in and all you want is a job, a means of income and lively hood which is perfectly normal to have that feeling as a human but, it’s not that simple in the job market to get your desired job. However here are the things you need to know on how to bag your new job appointment.

Read up, Get some courses and Keep learning.

Being a graduate, having a first degree or degrees is a good short but, that alone cannot make you outstanding or more advantageous in the job market. Currently research has shown that employers don’t look out for degrees only, but there are other requirements you must meet to get hired. Get certified in a professional course, go online ask Google any Question because Google is your friend, update your knowledge base, acquire as much skills as you can and keep learning.

Refine Your Resume.

When writing or preparing a resume some persons spend all their time placing in information’s that will over bulk the resume, thereby given the employer reason’s not to scrutinise it. As a job seeker seeking for employment, always represent yourself in your resume. Make it readable because it’s your resume that will first meet your prospective employer. Checkout the latest method of preparing a resume or download the free resume templates to make it extraordinarily polished, avoid inessential information, keep your resume simple and informative, edit properly to avoid spelling errors and focus more on marketing yourself to your prospective employer.

Research job requirements.

Many a time’s job seekers out of desperation apply for jobs they are not exactly qualified for. Sometimes it happens that while you are navigating through the job market you come across opportunities which you are not qualified for, applying is not wrong but attending the interview without the exact qualification and wishing for chance to happen when there is qualified applicants and you could have updated your skills to fit in the requirement is hazardous. Hence it is advisable to always analyse your qualifications to be sure it suits job requirements before applying. And perhaps you apply with less requirements, update your skill set before the interview date.

Attend networking events, make new contact and use your networks.

Many workers today got there job through people in their network. As an individual the role of networking in achieving our goals cannot be overlooked. As you go about your career journey you need networks. Always make contacts, attend networking events where you can meet new people and grow your contact list who knows you might hit your next job through you networks.

Do some volunteer job.

A lot of working class people today have gotten jobs through doing volunteer job, people don’t know this but it is realistic. While you work for free you get some advantage like growing your understanding about the career, you gather years of experience and I tell you if you put in your best in that job by the time you want to stop working your boss will have no choice but to employ you, because he can’t afford to let you go and keep that position vacant. So in doing volunteer job, you have nothing to lose rather it brings you closer to your goals and helps you advance in your career walk.

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