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‘A poor man should not marry a poor woman’ – Man suggests on social media



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A social media has cautioned men to follow the purse instead of their hearts when pursuing a woman for a long term relationship, marriage inclusive.

The man, with Facebook ID Eben said it’s absolutely illogical for a man who’s broke to go in for a woman who is dangling on the same irregular rope. He argued women in that situation will bolster their chances by getting a rich partner so the narrative should equally be the same for men as well.

His words:
How can you be poor and marry a poor partner? Women do well by usually going in for someone on the same level or on a higher income.

Na the men no, tuaaa!!, mostly following their hearts. Mede3 unless I’m rich, but S3 me ware another poor person paaa de3, Anka il be in my corner.

Poor person de3, Anka Wode3 ne fornication. marriage 3fa woho b3n? For me, when some people talk about marriage, ayaa na me ntease3.

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