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A responsible man sees every child as his investment whether the kid is yours or not –Woman says



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A Nigerian lady has caused an uproar on social media after claiming that responsible men take care of their children whether there are the true biological fathers or not.

The lady known as Chidera Gloria Chukwuma said in post on Facebook that a father does not need a DNA test before he takes responsibility of his child.

Chidera’s submission comes on the back of reports of a 42-year-old man, Tunde Thomas who suffered a heart attack and died after he found out he is not the true father of his two children as they belong to the boss of his wife.

The lady wrote;

“You don’t need DNA test result before playing a father role on a child..a responsible man See’s every child as his investment whether the kid is yours or not… financially broke creatures will take advantage of this to question their wife’s faithfullness….it is only a failed gender that demand for DNA test”

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