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A Woman Always Waiting On Their partner To Make The First Move Is Childish – Yetunde Bakare



Dark-skinned Nollywood beauty Yetunde Bakare slams women are either too shy or too proud to ask for sex from their partners or would rather always wait on their partner to make the first move sexually as being either childish or dumb.  Yetunde Bakare

The actress then went on to attribute the act to be one of the main reasons why a lot of women end up having terrible mood swings because they find it difficult to express their sexuality and enjoy it well.
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During an encounter with Sunday Scoop, Bakare said, “Waiting for one’s partner to make the (first) move is childish. Women have their moments too. There are times we (women) feel sexually aroused and if one does not make a move, one’s partner is not a witch and would not be able to guess what’s going on with one. That’s why some women have terrible mood swings. They want it (sex) but feel too shy or proud to ask for it. If one’s partner is one’s best friend, asking for sex should not be a big deal.”

The actress also debunked the claims made by some that Nollywood is not lucrative. Yetunde Bakare said, “I disagree (with that) absolutely. If it was not a lucrative business, there wouldn’t be any successful filmmaker. However, we have people like Funke Akindele, Mo Abudu and Kemi Adetiba, who have shown that one can be successful in Nollywood. If one makes a good movie with high standards, one would definitely enjoy doing the business.”

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The role interpreter, who is active on social media, also noted being on such platforms had affected her positively. She added, “Being on social media has affected me positively and it has also changed a few things about me. People close to me know that I neither keep friends nor go out a lot. However, mixing with people on social media has been good for me. Negativity does not get to me because I have a thick skin and I don’t take anything to heart. I simply use the ‘block button’ and that ends it.”

Yetunde Bakare

Yetunde Bakare also noted that she had lost roles because some people believed that dark skin wasn’t camera friendly. “I lost a lot of roles back in the days because they believed dark skin was not camera friendly. But, I thank God that a lot of things have changed. Now, talent is all that matters”.

On whether she can act as an influencer for a sex enhancement product, she said, “Yes, I can be a social media influencer for sex enhancement products. I think it is about time we start talking about it because sex is one of the fundamentals of marriage.”

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