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”A woman doesn’t quarrel long with a man that gives her plenty money” – Nigerian lady



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A Nigerian lady identified as Oge Nsimah, has advised men to be financially buoyant so as to avoid long-standing quarrels with their girlfriends or wives.

Oge who took to her Facebook page to state this, revealed that money humbles women and therefore a man who wants submission, peace and respect from his wife must have money to spend on her.

In her words;

“If your wife is always quarrelling you and does not easily forgive you, Oga, go double your hustle, bring money home and give her plenty of money…

“A woman does not quarrel long with a man that gives her plenty of money

“No matter how financially independent a woman is, that money from her man pocket comes with a different feeling,

“I dont know why it’s so…but its what its.

Dear men,

“If you want to maintain peace, give your woman more money, You see the way men don’t like to take orders from their women, that’s how women like to spend their man money…..

“President Buhari will travel to London and greet Queen Elizabeth with Bended knees, and then come back to Nigeria to say his own woman belongs to the other room…

Women love to spend their man money…and their man money humbles them…Every wise lover man knows this.”

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