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“Abena Korkor is not well, she needs urgent medical and spiritual help” – Concerned Ghanaians pray



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Many concerned Ghanaians believe Abena Korkor needs urgent help both spiritually and medically for her unusual social media revelations in recent days.

Abena Korkor in an Instagram post made some damning revelations about the number of men she has slept with.

She went on to mention the names of these men which included Kojo Yankson, Eugene Osafo Nkansah, Lexis Bill, Sammy Awuku amongst others.

In fact, Abena Korkor mentioned the names of some of the women these men who have allegedly slept with her have also slept with.

She mentioned names like Nana Aba Anamoah, Lydia Forson amongst others.

Following that, many have raised concern about the mental health of Abena Korkor with the explanation that no women in her right senses will come out publicly mention the names of the men who have slept with her or vice versa.

Concerns have been raised about the clarity of her speech and how she was struggling to put some of her words together. In the video, one does not need to have an expert’s eye to understand that Abena Korkor may be dealing with some serious mental difficulty.

Many think whether what she said in the video was factual or not should not be the issue but her somewhat deteriorating mental health needs to be taken into consideration and help, sought for her as soon as possible.

Saada on Twitter wrote:

Bipolar or whatever won’t make you come online mentioning names of men you slept with, this is stupidity and I think someone close to Abena Korkor should stop her cos this is sad!

Nsawam Michael Scofield wrote:

Abena Korkor is heart broken. You could literally see she is trying to be hard but still enfa.

Ama Darlington wrote:

Mania and depression is worrying a beautiful lady close friends should do well and help her. The best job for Abena Korkor is a massage therapist.

Achiaa wrote:

Abena Korkor is really going through it I hope she gets better cause this is getting sad

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