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Accommodation of the excesses of the #EndSARS protesters shows President Buhari’s tolerance to Humanrights – Attorney General of Federation, Abubakar Malami



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President Buhari in a bilateral meeting with Ethiopia prime minister

The Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, has said that President Buhari’s accommodation of the ‘excesses’ of #EndSARS protesters in October 2020 shows the President’s tolerance to humanrights.

Nigerian youths came out in their numbers to demand an end to police brutality using the hashtag #EndSARS. The protest was however hijacked by hoodlums who destroyed lives and properties.

In an interview with Channels TV on Wednesday night February 10, Malami said accommodating the excesses of the EndSARS protesters points to the fact that the Buhari-led administration respects the rights of its citizens.

“As far as Human Rights records of the government of President Muhammadu Buhari is concerned, the fact speaks for itself, the commendation by the international body which is the Committee for the Protection of Journalists, local compliance with the recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission, which has been unprecedented, tolerance and indeed, accommodation for the excesses of the #EndSARS protesters were all facts that go to establish a point that the government of President Buhari has shown greater accommodation of the human rights and the tolerance to the human rights record as far as the Nigerian State is concerned”he said

Speaking further, Malami said

”No nation in the world could have tolerated a situation where over 200 of its policemen were killed in the purported process of Freedom of expression.

Nigeria has tolerated that.

No nation in the world would have tolerated the idea of destruction to its security institutions. I think over 20 police stations or more, I’m not certain about the number, they can be more, were destroyed during #EndSARS protests and government has a responsibility to ensure the protection of lives and freedom of movement.

We are confronted with a situation whereby EndSARS protesters blocked roads, caused mayhem, caused deaths, caused destruction, and they were significantly tolerated to a certain extent”

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