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Activist advises Buhari, condemns fine on media houses



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By Gbenga Aderanti

The Federal Government has been urged to thread with caution on its plan to regulate social media.

According to a statement by a renowned socio-political activist and critic, Chief Adesunbo Onitiri, this would not augur well and healthy for the survival of a democratic nation like Nigeria.

He condemned with all vehemence the recent fine imposed on some media houses by the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

The fine, he pointed out, is inimical to dissemination of free information to the Nigerian populace.

“Nigerians are entitled to free access to unfettered information and no government should distort or hamper the access. This is fundamental human rights of Nigerians as guaranteed under our constitution.

Onitiri pointed out that the social media was already regulated under our extant laws, and any attempt to further regulate it would be seen as the government trying to gag the people.  “The Nigerian people already know their rights and no government can close their mouths.”

According to the social critic, any attempt to deny the people free expression may lead to unpleasant consequences.  “We are now in a new Nigeria. We should do away with the old style of governance and embrace true Federalism,” he said.

Onitiri  urged President Muhammadu Buhari to visit Lagos and some states affected by the wanton destruction of life and the property by hoodlums.

“Also the government should help private businesses to start all over again. Besides, the federal government should probe the alleged independently,  the killings and maiming of harmless youths  at the Lekki toll.”

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