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Actor Danny Masterson to stand trial for alleged rape of three women



He spoke at the celebration of the “Life and Times of Departed Media Leaders, where he urged the media executives to use their influence toward seeking ways of ensuring the responsible use of social media.

In his words: “We are in an age of technology where the dissemination of news had completely been democratised by the media environment, which was once the preserve of state and corporation.

“The very meaning of the term media owner has changed and no longer refers to people with the profile of those who have studied journalism. In this era of citizen journalism, everyone now has a voice, whether through blogs, website or online publications among others. “The democratisation of information, unleashed by the information age, has also introduced related risks with serious implications for economic and social-political stability,’’

“These capability is increasingly used in all sorts of malign doings by those who abhor ill intent. “Fake news is being trafficked on a scale that is capable of warping the perception of reality by huge numbers of people and inducing social conflict. “I believe that media leaders must use the considerable influence that they have to seek ways of achieving a consensus on the responsible use of social media.’’

“We all have a share in the much-needed work of rebuilding, redesigning, reforming and healing our nation. “Creating a commonality of purpose in a culturally diverse society is challenging the world over. “However, nation-building is not the sole preserve of politicians and government. “In fact, it is just as much a task for civil society, of which the media is an important member,’’


. Osinbajo Calls For The Responsible Use Of Social Media Follow GhGossip.

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