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Actress Ada Karl has a piece of advice for those leaving Nigeria



Actress Ada Karl has dished out a piece of advice to those running away from Nigeria to Abroad over the horrible and scary state of the nation.

Ada Karl in a post addressing those who are running away from the country because of the horrible and scary state of the nation asked them not to forget to pack all their family members with them when leaving.

According to Ada Karl, if they like, they should run away from Nigeria as some are doing now but then they will go and come back and meet it the same way they left it unless they lend their voice to get the better country they yearning for.

Ada Karl then ironically said that when they are leaving, they shouldn’t forget to take enough atarodo, crayfish, catfish, stockfish, pepper soup spices, and all that they need to last them for at least 10yrs.

Ada Karl’s post doesn’t advise against traveling abroad but then goes to those who run away and don’t do anything to support the growth of the country and don’t even add their voices when necessary.

screenshot below;

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