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Actress fights movie producer for refusing to give her a role after sleeping with her (video)



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A movie set was disrupted by an angry lady (actress) who has been used and ditched by a movie producer. She stormed the movie set demanding the arrest of the producer.

In a video sighted, the irritated actress is seen forcing herself into the movie set in the middle of a shoot and shouting at the producer, asking why he sidelined her after getting through her pants.

In the video, she said that the producer promised to use her as a lead character in the movie if she agrees to sleep with her, which she did. And after waiting so long to be called on set, she has been swindled.

Not only did the director sleep with her, she revealed that the Movie producer also took an undisclosed amount of money from her.


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Apparently, the lady came to disrupt the movie set with the aim of taking back the money she gave the producer or be used as a lead character in the movie.

Some producers paa de3!! smh

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