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Actress, Kate Winslet gives startling reaction when asked about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled relationship



Actress, Kate Winslet gives startling reaction when asked about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Oscar, BAFTA, and Emmy award winning  actress, Kate Winslet has  made it clear she isn’t interested in the news that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have rekindled their relationship twenty years after their breakup.

Affleck and Lopez have been making headlines in recent weeks due to their rekindled romance. The stars raised eyebrows in early May when they took a trip to Montana. Since then, the duo has been spending more and more time together, even enjoying a recent date night in Los Angeles

In an interview with the New York Times this week, the ‘Titanic’ actress discussed her latest role in Mare of Easttown, embracing middle-age, and her wide-ranging career. 

Towards  the end of the interview, Winslet is asked some rapid-fire statements which she must confirm or deny, including “You can’t stop reading about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.” 

Kate, dumbfounded by the question, replied, “What? No! I’ve never read about Jennifer in my life. What are these questions?”

 Another statement she answered was “Hideous Kinky was neither hideous nor kinky,” a reference to the 1998 film Winslet starred in based on the autobiographical novel by Esther Freud, the great-granddaughter of Sigmund Freud. 

“I don’t even know how to answer these questions,” Winslet replied.

But when asked to confirm that she “pocketed a few things” from the set of Titanic, the actress confirmed that she did steal one very special memento. 

“People stole the White Star Line cups and saucers,” she said. “I was good. I did take a pair of Rose’s earrings, but somewhere I lost one.”

 Winslet also revealed she can’t remember  where she kept her Oscar award.

“I don’t actually know where the Oscar is at the moment. I think it’s possibly in my son’s bedroom. But it was on the back of the toilet for a long time, yes.”

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