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Ada Karl Thanks Fans For Their Empathy After She Was Attacked



Former Governor of Oyo State, Senator Rasidi Adewolu Ladoja, has opined that open grazing has lost its significance as it is no more sustainable in the country.

According to him, herdsmen need to find a way of looking for sustainable things and adapt to the changing needs of the environment because open grazing cannot be made to continue for a long time.

He said:  “All of us know that open grazing is not sustainable. So, we have to find a way of looking for sustainable things. If you look at it, fifty years ago, how many people did we have and how many people do we have now.? It has increased. How many cattle did we have then and how many do we have now? It has increased.

“There are some countries that have more cattle than us and they are not practicing open grazing because it is not sustainable.

“The laws ars there, I support the southern governors for speaking against open grazing. There are some states that have passed the law but they are not implementing it.

“There is anti-open grazing law in Oyo State, but it is not being implemented. I believe that after the pronouncement by the southern governors, they will implement the law.

“If they kill some farmers today, other farmers will be afraid to go to the farm. It is wrong for one tribe to dominate us. We are not in a unitary system.

“These are some of the reasons why some people are agitating for secession and revolution.”


. Find Different Solutions To Open-Grazing – Ladoja Tells Herdsmen Follow GhGossip.

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