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Adamawa Police Ban Beach Party, Threaten To Arrest Sponsors



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The police in Adamawa have banned a planned beach party, saying it would encourage nudity and allow for immoral acts. The police also threatened to arrest the sponsors of the party, planned to be held in Yola, the state capital.

Adamawa has an almost even Christian and Muslim population but the ban adds to the wider debate in Nigeria between citizens who believe law enforcement agencies have to check immoral acts in the country and others, mainly young Nigerians, who see such acts as an intrusion to freedom of association by adults.

The ban, announced Sunday, came amid outrage by religious groups in Yola against the ‘Yola Beach Party.’

Speaking on the event, the police spokesperson in the state, Suleiman Nguroje, said “the command is on the trail of the sponsors of the said Yola Beach Party.”

“Anyone found involved will be arrested and possibly prosecuted, the command will not condone any show or event that will cause outrage.

“The CP had ordered an investigation to unravel the sponsors and venue of the said beach party. The command will not allow any immoral act that could cause outrage in the society.

Yola Beach Party banner

“Parents also have a role to play in this regard,’’ Mr Nguroje said.

The advertisement of ‘Yola Beach Party’ had indicated that the event was slated for January 3 while the gate fee was pegged at N2000.

‘’Age 18 over, scheduled to start at 2pm and there will be live music, fun, BBQ and drinks,’’ it stated.

The notice was placed on social media platforms, though the venue was not indicated.

For now, it is not yet clear if the party will hold or not as the venue still remains secret.

Elsewhere, the Kaduna State government demolished a building allegedly intended for a sex party in the state.

The organisers of the party were also arrested by the police.

Source:- Premium Times

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