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Adeoye Owolewa makes History as First Nigerian-American elected into the US Congress



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The 31-year-old Nigerian, Adeoye Owolewa has been elected a shadow U.S. Representative out of the District of Columbia, becoming the first Nigerian to achieve this feat.

Based on the results, Adeoye had 82.65% of the votes, which represents 135,234 votes against Joyce Robinson-Paul, who had 15,541 votes, and Sohaer Syed with 12,846 votes.

According to WUSA9, voters in D.C. have always elected one shadow representative and two shadow senators to represent them in congress since 1990. What makes the shadow delegation different from the actual U.S. representatives and senators is that their offices aren’t in the office buildings that house the rest of Congress, they are not allowed to vote in full floor votes or committees. Instead, they seek for their subnational polity to gain voting rights in Congress.

Sharing the exciting news on his Instagram page, he says,

Good morning. Looks like WE DID IT!!! I want to thank everyone, from family and close friends to DC residents. Because of your contributions and sacrifices, I stand before you as America’s first Nigerian American congressman. In this role, I’m going to fight for DC statehood and bring our values to the lawmaking process. While today is the day for some celebration, the hard work also follows. Again, thanks so much for everything. I wouldn’t be here without yall.

Here’s what you should know about him:

Nigerians all over the globe are celebrating his landslide victory. Congratulations!

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