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Reno Omokri has slammed the Buhari administration as he has blamed the bad governance as the reason billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote is investing 60 percent of his assets in New York, USA.

According to Reno Omokri, Pastor Paul Adefarasin was right for advising his followers to get a plan B as Dangote has declared his intentions of investing his assets in the States.

He captioned . as: Now, where are those who attacked Pastor Paul Adefarasin for his counsel that citizens should have a Plan B? Keep attacking him. Wise people, like Aliko Dangote, are already putting their Plan B into action.

In 2014, Dangote was worth $25 billion. Due to bad governance, and the collapse of the Naira, he is now worth $12 billion. By having no Plan B, he lost half his net worth.

Even Scripture says “Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.”-Ecclesiastes 11:2

Wisdom is profitable to direct. What is your Plan B?

His post drew some mixed reactions from fans as they trooped under the comment section and reacted.

theannclaretnma: Here’s my truth, even though I admire the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Aliko Dangote….I still have to spill the truth 🙄. Dangote is the Richest Man in Africa today because, he played a Monopolistic Game, the Buhari Administration clamped the wings of his competitors, thereby giving him an upper edge in competitive market.

exegesis_eddie: You will now know the meaning on how to pay taxes

ayoadelakun: His business structure and model might not survive in the US. He strives on the weakness in our regulatory structure in Nigeria and takes political advantage for economic benefits . We wish him well in the US

daluksbespoke: I don’t admire his wealth, they can’t cage others for u to succeed and u think the wealth will last no way Kama must play its part

solaariyo: All the loots of monopoly wicked business that you did in Nigeria gone abroad

abbey.7240: Nigeria in comatose and in life support It’s 60% certain that Nigeria might not make it . That is indirect speech from Aliko Dangote

t4tam_: Na now it’s done on him to get plan “B”?…….From man’s perspective, yes wonderful idea,but do any man knows what God has for tomorrow? And come to think of it…… many life’s as been lost to Dangote trailers?


. Dangote Is Right For Deciding To Invest His Assets In USA Because Of Bad Governance Follow GhGossip.

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