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Adeyanju Deji Expose The True Nature Of Late Chad President’s Son, Reveals What He Is Doing



Adeyanju Deji Expose The True Nature Of Late Chad President’s Son, Reveals What He Is Doing

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Yesterday the news about the death of Chad President was all over social media, many made it open that he died an honorable death, while fighting and defending his country. His death was also a relief to many Chadians knowing fully well that he has been ruling for a long.

According to a report, late Chad President Idris Deby starting ruling as President in 1990 and he was just re-elected for his sixth tenure but was shot dead on the battlefield while defending his country. Many Nigerians have given their view on the death of Idris Deby. Nigerian Senator Shehu Sani made it known that the late president of Chad, Idris Deby built a strong force against the Islamist terror, violated human rights and crushed any opposition on his way, and therefore received what was due for him.

He was so brutal and deadly and many people couldn’t fight him because he was stronger, ruled, and made the throne his. The Government of Chad announced his death as a very Honourable one, considering that he died as a hero and his Son Mahamat Kaka has taken over and has been made the head of States.

Nigeria Activist and human rights fighter, Adeyanju Deji made a Facebook post concerning the son of Idris Deby, according to him, Mahamat Kaka is a brutal dictator, more deadly than his father, and he has already started executing people without trial in this 21st century.


This is so sad. The power moving in a cycle, from father to son who is more deadly and more brutal. This made many people appreciate the Nigerian government because their rule hasn’t gotten to that of Chad. Here is a free hearing and trial before execution.

Many Africa countries have been under dictators and when they speak out or try to rise they are destroyed and broken, a country like Uganda did the same. May God save the world from dictators and deadly and brutal leaders.

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