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Africans Are Looked Down On Because They Think Low Of Themselves – Dencia



Cameroonian-born singer, entrepreneur and fashion designer, Dencia has stated that Blacks are treated poorly because they think low of themselves.

Her claim comes after Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey announced that Ghana is the headquarters for Twitter operations in Africa as he tweeted that Twitter is now present on the continent’.

Dencia charged the management of Twitter to pay the Ghanaian employees who will work at the headquarters of Twitter in Ghana just like they pay employees in America.

According to her, the black man’s problem is that they always look down on their own people and it is a disgusting mentality.

She tweeted;

”The employees better get same payment as Twitter employees in America cuz we know how this goes.The Caucasians stay using Africans for free or less . The top positions need to be held by BLACK not some Caucasian who will say he was born in Ghana !! We know how this goes.”

In another tweet she said;

”And this is the black man’s problem, the black man. Always looking at your own people in a bad way & negative light. This mentality is disgusting that’s why everyone treats Africans like shit cuz u all think so low of yourselves & of each other. Reset ur brain sir.”

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